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-% Crocs Crockband 11016-11I

Crocs Crockband 11016-11I

Crocs Crocband slippersUniversal flip-flops, crocs Crocband is a product that both men and women can use. These flip flops are very practical and will work in many situations. I can be used as everyday footwear as well as safety shoes to wear in water.Crocband flip flops are made entirely of Croslite ™. It is a material that anatomically adapts to the shape of the foot, it does not emit unpleasant odors, it is antibacterial thanks to the use of silver filings. The flaps, thanks to the Croslite ™ material, are very easy to clean, they can be washed freely with soap and water or other cleaning agents. This product, due to the material used for its production, is very durable and durable. Slippers and clogs have holes for Jibbitz ™ decorative elements, which allows you to decorate the product according to your preferences.Properties :universal flip flops, clogs created for both women and mena strap on the heel allows a proper fitcreated from the patented Croslite ™ materialQuick-dryingpermanentlyeasy to cleanlight, non-marking sole with micro-lugs for traction even on wet surfacesantibacterial (thanks to silver filings)do not emit unpleasant odorsadapt to the shape of the footJibbitz ™ decorative holes for decorating the productMaterial :100% Croslite ™ material

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