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-% Grisport Marrone 13326D1G

Grisport Marrone 13326D1G

Grisport Marrone 13326D1G Features: It is the perfect trekking footwear made from the highest quality materials: leather for the production of our footwear is carefully selected and their structure ensures maximum breathability in all conditions. New breathable, antibacterial insoles provide maximum comfort and do not retain unpleasant odors. Lining made of the highest quality materials ensuring excellent breathability. Shape and fit are a consequence of numerous studies and tests for many different foot shapes to ensure maximum comfort and minimize foot fatigue. Protection: the sole uses both durable and soft elements to ensure maximum safety during mountain trips. Sole made of polyurethane admixture: this material is characterized by a special structure containing micro air bubbles, which makes the sole very light and at the same time flexible and perfectly cushioning. TECHNOLOGIES: * GRITEX * protective cladding protects against snow and rain, which cannot get inside thanks to its poromeric structure, which does not let water in while draining sweat through thousands of micropores. Your feet will stay warm and dry no matter how cold or wet it is outside. Original * GRITEX * protection ensures the comfort your feet expect. * GRITEX * materials used are a key element in all types of trekking and hiking footwear. Excellent durability and excellent resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage ensure a long service life. PRINCIPLES FOR USE AND MAINTENANCE »Before buying, adjust footwear to the foot in terms of size »Always put on and take off your shoes, carefully unlaced »After putting on your shoes, lace them up carefully – you will avoid rubbing the heels »Dry shoes at room temperature after each use. Do not dry shoes in the immediate vicinity of heat sources – radiators, heaters, fireplaces, etc. – this may cause permanent damage »The outer surface of the shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth, remember not to get them wet »Shoes must not be washed »To preserve skin durability and reduce soaking, use waterproofing sprays »Do not use fats, oils and silicones for shoes maintenance, because they stick to skin pores and prevent ventilation »In GRISPORT DAKAR shoes, the Gri-Tex membrane liner has been used, which significantly reduces the permeability and increases breathability. *ATTENTION* The use of a membrane does not ensure complete waterproofing. The membrane may not perform its function under specific atmospheric conditions. NOTE! -Shoes are factory protected with an impregnating agent.

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