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-% Inov-8 Roclite G 275 M 000806-RDBK-M-01 trekking shoes

Inov-8 Roclite G 275 M 000806-RDBK-M-01 trekking shoes

Roclite G 275 -Construction:The graphene content provides the sole with exceptional durability, in addition, it is very adhesive regardless of the surface it encounters, mud, wet rock or hard routes, in the inner sole you will find POWERFLOW foam and Meta Plate for better cushioning and insulation from the ground, which makes these shoes very comfortable even on a hard surface.The upper with the Adapterweb system adapts to the changing shape of the foot, which over long distances when the foot swells is very helpful.Material from ktVersatility:The versatility of the Roclite G 275 consists of 6mm long pegsPonadto najmniejsza waga z serii Roclite pomoze rozwinac jeszcze wieksza predkosc.Well thought-out solutions:No unnecessary outputsProdukowany w rozmiarach UK 6-12 z polówkami (39.5-47EU), 13 i 14(48-50 EU).

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