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-% Shoes sneakers Lee Cooper M LCW22310856M

Shoes sneakers Lee Cooper M LCW22310856M

Shoes, sneakers Lee Cooper M LCW-22-31-0856M Properties: Men’s Lee Cooper sneakers are a great choice for everyday use. Subdued colors match any style. Shoes are perfect for summer, they are light and airy, perfect for holiday walks around the historic city. The upper is made of a durable material that has breathable properties and is more resistant to abrasion. The sole is characterized by good cushioning and a non-slip tread. The insert is made of high-quality material that is resistant to abrasion. The soft interior of the shoe will provide you with the highest comfort while wearing. Lee Cooper men’s sneakers, perfect for everyday breathable and abrasion-resistant upper, thin, shock-absorbing and non-slip sole, classic lacing, light and airy, high-quality abrasion-resistant inner liner, soft interior of the shoe, Material: synthetic Color: blue, brown,

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